Other Projects

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Zero Waste Poster

New York Milk Bank, NYC


Poster designed to introduce other milk banks to the concept of a zero waste business model.

Designed at Zaptivity.

Standard Textile 75th Anniversary

Logo & Branding Concept


Designed at Standard Textile in my role as Lead Designer.

Meatball Kitchen

Logo, Menu Design, Event Poster


Designed logo & all collateral for Meatball Kitchen, a fast-casual restaurant in Cincinnati.


Package Design, Lebanon Seaboard, Lebanon, PA


Packages designed to test a variety of naming and messaging hierarchies.

Designed at Zaptivity.

Out! Dog Pads

Package Design, Retail Products Group, Dallas, Texas


Packages designed to test a variety of naming and messaging hierarchies, as well as challenge of naming product by benefit and segmenting by size. .

Designed at Zaptivity.

The Soil & The Sea

Logo, package, website, & collateral design, New York City


Developed clean and simple branding and packaging for a new brand at Chelsea Market in Manhattan.

Creative Director, Ian Wishingrad, BigEyedWish.

Standard Textile

Art Direction, Digital Design, & Collateral, Cincinnati, Ohio


Various collateral design, web design and photography direction.

Designed at Standard Textile.



Ad Campaign, New York City


Designed posters for MyClean to be displayed in Murray Hill, Manhattan. Creative Director, Ian Wishingrad, BigEyedWish.